Las Vegas Junk Removal &
Demolition Service


Las Vegas Junk Removal


Chances are, if you were to explore your home, you would find a mountain of things that you no longer want or need. Or, if you happen to be outside of your house, you probably have stacks of debris that should go.

Unfortunately, most junk hauling and demolition services want a premium for their work, even when you only have a small number of objects that need to go. As a result, you just leave everything where it is hoping it’ll go away soon.

Instead, you should call Junk Removal Las Vegas for all your debris removal needs. Whether you still have a mess from a recent construction project or you need lot clearing, we can handle it all.

We have offered our expert service to more homes in the Las Vegas, NV, area for many years now, and we are ready to provide the same expertise to you. Call us when you need a better selection of debris removal and demolition services.


Complete Removal Services

Whether it’s already been broken down, or you need someone to successful offer demo work, our team offers it all. Call us when you need the best in removal and demo services including:

Whatever you need to get rid of your home’s piles of junk finally, we offer the best service and affordable pricing. Call today for your best demo and removal around.


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Commercial Removal Las Vegas


Do you operate a business or own a piece of commercial property that still has junk sitting around? Not only does debris look awful, but it could create a hazard for employees and clients.

Even if your junk isn’t violating any policies or protocols, it’s still dangerous to keep around. Instead, you could call us and have it taken away fast!

No matter what industry your business operates in, we can assist you. Call us, and we’ll haul away all your junk and debris for:

  • Healthcare Buildings

  • Hospitals

  • Doctor Offices

  • Government Buildings

  • Schools/Educational Buildings

  • Office Building Junk

  • Restaurants Hauling

  • Automotive Companies

  • And much more!

Whichever type of company you run, we can help you. Call us for all your business demo and removal needs.


Residential Junk Hauling

Most residencies have at lost some personal items that should get hauled away. Whether it’s a worn out, old piece of furniture that hasn’t gotten sat on in years or a pile of old lumber, some items are better off getting taken away.

Freeing your home from debris will only improve the look of your home, as well as keeps it safer. Pests, snakes, and other wildlife love to nest in old waste, and metal objects become rusty before too long.

Whatever you have lying about your home, we can take it away quickly. Call our team today for faster removal services for:

  • Yard Waste
  • Green Debris
  • Building Materials
  • Furniture
  • Clothing
  • Paper Waste
  • Oversized Objects
  • Moving Waste
  • Old Appliances
  • Paint Cans
  • Automotive Waste
  • Torn Out Flooring
  • Abandoned Vehicles
  • And anything else taking away from your home’s beauty.

We haul away more forms of junk so that you never have to worry about receiving fines from municipal waste. No matter what debris you’ve remained stuck with, we are here to help.

Call us today for the best in local debris removal services. Isn’t it time your home is finally free from all that junk?


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Land Leveling & Lot Clearing

Sometimes a home hasn’t even been built yet, and you already require our services! If you recently bought an empty lot or your current property is uneven, we may be the best choice for your needs.

Our crew is highly trained and ready to tackle your overgrowth with a series of demolition vehicles. Or, if you’ve noticed that your yard can’t retain water, we can help you level your lot out.

Why pay an expensive landscaping or construction service just to clear away your property? And when your land is uneven, why construct unsightly retention walls?

Instead, we can flatten, clear, and prepare any piece of property that you have. Stop overpaying for landscaping companies and let us save you more!


Swimming Pool Demolition

Did you purchase a home with a swimming pool you don’t plan on using? Is the monthly expense of owning a swimming pool too much?

Swimming pools can be removed with the right services. Whether you prefer just to have it all filled in, or you want it wholly extracted, we can do it all.

We offer full or partial swimming pool removal for residential and commercial clients. Whether you have a single-family swimming pool or a professional swimming arena, we can remove them all.

Stop living with abandoned swimming pools and stop paying to warehouse them. Call us today, and we’ll get rid of them for you.


Garage Demolition

If you’re like many homeowners, the garage is more or less where you keep all of your junk. Over time, your only course of action is just to get rid of it all.

You could rent a dumpster, but that is rarely convenient. Big and bulky, they take up your entire driveway, and may even partially block traffic.

Worst yet is spending the time necessary to get rid of it all. It could take hours or even days to clear away your garage.

Instead, we can remove all your junk faster, and at lower costs. When you need quality junk removal now, you need us to help you.

Call us for your garage removal needs. We can even tear down your freestanding garages and haul them away as well!


Emergency Removal

Is something teetering towards your home making you feel unsafe such as damaged trees and structures? Do you own property with a condemned building?

When you have concerns that just can’t wait, call Junk Removal Las Vegas immediately. We’ll be there to protect what matters most to you with better demo and removal services.

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